Tic Tac Joy

Tic Tac Joy is Tic Tac Toe but better! Take the classic game mechanics and bring them to the next levelTic Tac Joy means easy mathematics paired with strategy and of course lots of fun!Challenge your friends and connect with people all around the world for some ease and joy during times of COVID-19
Play with your friends, family, or people all around the worldUse your strategic skills to outdo your opponentWin to purchase collectibles to fully customize your appearance


Play to help!

It was during lockdown that we came up with the idea of bringing some joy to the people that are struggling during times of COVID-19. The simple idea of creating a relaxing game that brings people together finding some ease in troubled times grew into the desire of giving to the ones, who need it the most.

As a team with members from troubled countries like Brasil and Venezuela we decided to support the globally known and internationally active medical humanitarian organisation MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERES with our earnings. We will donate all profit (revenue minus costs) of the first 30 days after release of Tic Tac Joy.




With every download and every minute spent in the app you’re helping out without spending one single coin. It’s easy – Play to help!

Alina Kuhl

Daniel Devesa

Felipe Fernandes

Frederiko Cesar

Hanna Schütt

Joseph Valentine


devosign OHG

Hansaring 66

DE-50670 Cologne